Friday, June 29, 2012

Wow, silence for the first time in 3 hours! It's almost a scary sound. Over our half term break 17 of our senior students and 3 staff members went to Amano Christian School (and 3 other schools) to compete in netball (Girls) and soccer (boys). Today 20 Amano students and 4 or so staff members have arrived here. Our students have been anticipating it all day and the excitment has been building since assembly. Even my students, who won't have anything to do with the competitions, were bouncing outta their seats (literaly) today. This was my afternoon off and generally when I'm down at my house I can't hear the students too much. However, I knew exactly when the Amano bus rolled in as the noise level tripled! Starting tomorrrow they will be competing in various sporting events against our students; mostly track and field stuff but I believe their will also be soccer and netball (it'll be switched tho boys playing netball and girls soccer). Our boys might actually win this time. The girls (who were undefeated in netball - except when they played the under 19 team) may taste a bit of what it feels like to lose. I've been trying to help Phil Towse with coaching them.... but they have so many bad habits I spent most of my time trying to undo the habits and reteach the correct way! It should be an interesting weekend. Even though it is my weekend off I have offered to help in the kitchen as our cook is now in Canada and Pam Ronald is subbing for her. Pam is also runs the nursing clinic and is one of the dorm parents for the boys so she's quite busy! I figured with the extra bodies on station she might need a break or two, plus 2 of her 3 kids will be competing so it might be nice for her to get to watch them. On Tuesday the whole school participates in Sports Day (track and field). I think by then our seniors will be wiped out! They might even be grateful to get back to regular classes on Wednesday.... well maybe not. :) I know it's early but I probably won't post again before so..."Happy Canada Day" to all my Canadian friends! and "Happy Independence Day" to my American ones. :)

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