Monday, April 9, 2012

on the move

Well the term has ended and once again I'm in the big city on a buying and immigration trip. the drive down was a little rough as i had some stomach issues followed quickly by my usual end of term cold. there were 5 of us in the truck (Lina, Hannah, my dad, a guy named Ryan and myself) but only 2 of us are really allowed to drive the school vehicle so the others just had to deal with our driving. i almost had trouble at one police stop but managed to sneak through without too much hassel. thankfully the roads weren't that bad and we didn't get stuck at all.

we've spent the past 2 days comparing prices in various stores and then today spent a huge amount of money on groceries for the next year. i have to say it's not easy predicting what you'll need 6+ mths in advance! between the 3 of us girls (the men have both left now) we managed to pack out the car. it should be interesting trying to fit everything in! thankfully we remembered to bring some cardboard boxes with us this time so that will make the packing a little easier!

tomorow we had to immigration bright and early so hannah and i can get our work visas and lina will be heading to road traffic to try and get her driver's liscence. i won't be trying this time as i don't have all the nescessary documents (or patience to deal with annoying gov't people). i'm sure lina is relieved i'm not coming this time as when we stopped in solwezi i completely lost it with the guy who was on a total power trip and said some things i should probably regret. i will consider getting my liscence later when the new gov't gets its act together.

well, i'm off to bed. hope everyone had a great easter remembering the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. He lives! :)

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