Thursday, April 19, 2012

a time to relax

so things did not go as we had planned... but we had sort of figured that would happen. Lina wasn't able to get her pass certificate ("come back next week") but i did get my new kitten (she's camera shy but i'm working on getting a good picture) who has been named Smudge-Orion (don't ask). she's pretty good, overly lovey/affectionate which can get annoying, but she's learning. the one thing i find the most annoying is that she loves to climb... me! my legs are covered in scratches, not to mention my head which is her favourite perch. still working on that one!

since coming back i've been enjoying just sleeping in and relaxing. cooking for myself, watching movies etc. eventually i'll get around to planning for next term and stuff. right now i'm just taking it easy.

oh, i almost forgot to mention that we have a new arrival here at sakeji. the towses (my next door neighbours) had a baby boy while we were away. his name is Levi Steven (not sure if it's 'ph' or 'v') Towse.

anywho, think that's all for now. will try and get some pics up soon.

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