Tuesday, March 27, 2012

sorry for the long delay

My mom informed me that I am a month over due on updating my blog. Appoligies. So much has been going on, including the usual bad weather that keeps the internet down, and all my other excuses.

So what has been going on? While apart from the day-to-day busy life of being a first grade teacher. I also have my Dad here visiting/working. It's been great to have him here, (although admittedly it was a bit weird at first) and we've definatly settled into a routine. Dad came to help the Canadian team on re-building the dorm roof. It has been an interesting 'ride' for them. The old roof (which they mainly left in place and built the new roof over) was in such bad shape that several of the men have nearly fallen through it several times! Many of them have scrapes, cuts and bruises to show for it. The worst injury so far happened to my dad last week. He had been working up on a ladder when it decided to break, sending him falling 8 or so feet down to the very hard concrete & stone landing. Thankfully his instincts (and God's grace!) kicked in and he remembered to roll as he fell. From what I understand he took the brunt of the impact on his right shoulder & wrist (spraining his wrist) and then spread out the rest of the pain all over his body including bruised ribs etc. The other men were very concerned that he would have internal bleeding, but praise the Lord, there was nothing that serious! It has taken him the better part of the week to heal and is still unable to fully use his right arm. On top of this his arthritis has been pretty bad so it's really slowed him down. Not to worry there are several women on station (including myself) who have been harrasing him daily to see how he's doing and ensure he's taking his medicine. :)
The Canadian team is leaving tomorrow with the exception of a few guys (my dad included) who are sticking around for another week or so. The whole back of the dorm (sorry don't know how big that is) is now complete, which was the biggest part of the job as they had to rebuild it. From what I understand, the front part is more structuraly sound and so they are mainly just replacing the steel sheets. Please continue to pray for their safety, especially as we are now entering the end of the rainy season which can bring some pretty fiercesome storms!

On the classroom side of things I have been continuing to struggle along bringing my kids up to 'snuff'. As I write the report cards (today and this week) it is somewhat encouraging to see how far some of them have come already. Although it is also discouraging to see that some are still really struggling with the basics. One little boy will not be coming back next term as it has been decided (by all the staff) that he is simply not mature enough. We have had trouble with him both in the classroom and dorm with wetting/messing in his pants and bed. among other things. Please pray for him and his family as they hear and process this news.

It's hard to think of what else has been keeping me so busy! Well, maybe I'll remember more later. Right now I need to finish up some report cards!

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