Thursday, July 15, 2010

taking a short break...

This week is really flying by! I can't believe it's Thursday night already! Thankfully things are somehow managing to get done (are there such things are teacher's elves?) I've got the marks into the report cards now and am currently taking a short break in writing the comments. I suppose it's a bit ironic that the comments I'm taking a break from were something about 'being mindful not to let themselves get distracted from their work' and yet here I am doing that very thing. :S the other comment that comes up rather frequently is '(s)he needs to apply themselves a little more' which I think I learned from reading my report cards however many years ago!
so tomorrow is technically my 'afternoon off' but i'm sure i will spend it either infront of this computer finishing the report cards i'm currently neglecting or cutting out sheep ears for the end of term program (or packing). The end of term program is actually coming along pretty well. We had a whole school practice today to run through the whole thing and the kids did fairly well, although there were some lines/solos forgotten. We've been riding them hard this week so we've decided to give them (and ourselves) a break this weekend and then resume with the practices Monday and Tuesday (which will be dress rehearsels). I've appointed one of the senior boys as a 'Student Director' which he has taken quite seriously and is really getting into. Today he came up to me with some 'suggestions' for some of the actors and stage props etc. and they were basically along the lines of what i was thinking,so i'm quite impressed with him. Miss Fuller is technically taking my place as director as i won't be here for the final presentation, but i think i'll let Maiinga direct it on Monday and see how things go.

well, i think i've wasted enough time. back to work. :(

"5 sleeps!"

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