Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All good things must come to an end...

My time here in Zambia has sadly come to an end. I fly out tomorrow at 7am heading for England, Ireland for a short time, and then on to Canada. It has been an amazing time and i honestly don't fully comprehend that i'm leaving yet. It feels more like i'm just going on a short vacation. I'm sure it will all hit me when i arrive back in canada rather then back in Zambia. I'm not sure what all to write about today.

The reports cards got finished and printed out on time (no staying up till all hours of the night this time!), i passed off the duties of co-directing the program and the children did quite well in their last practice. I am thinking of them know as they will be doing their final preformance in an hour or so's time. I'm sure they will all do marvelously and their parents will think they are wonderful. Tuesday was quite uneventful for me as the other staff watched my students so i was able to finish up the last minute cleaning of the classroom and packing etc. Then after lunch i was in the cessna and on my way to Lusaka. The flight seemed really long, mainly because i had stupidly packed my book and sweater in my bag and was bored and freezing cold the whole time! Once arriving in Lusaka, Michelle (another short termer who is flying out tomorrow) and I did a bit of shopping, had a scrumptious chicken and chips dinner and then headed to the flight house for a movie and munchies. Quite a great night. Didn't sleep so great as the dogs in this area feel it is their duty to bark from the time the sun goes down til the sun comes up at which time the roosters take over. sigh... hopefully i'll get more sleep tonight. We 'slept in' this morning to about 8:30 then got up and had breakfast. Our taxi came at 9:30 to take us out for more shopping. THe shopping we did today was in the market (similar to the old blue dukas of Nairobi) and the cultural village where we were able to look at and bargain for souvenirs and gifts. The stuff is all quite amazing, but the sellers are rather pushy so you don't really get time to take it all in. i enjoyed myself though and was able to limit myself to a few items. (i'm learning to say 'no thank you' firmly enough that they understand i mean it!).
so now i'm back at the flight house and exausted from a day of shopping. i think i'll find a good book and curl up for a few hours of reading. oh the life of luxury :D

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