Monday, July 12, 2010

Biting nails and crunching numbers... it's report card time!

AHHH! it's that time again! Up at the crack of dawn this morning (literally) Lina and i made our way back to Sakeji from the Garden Get-a-way at Kelene. It was a nice relatively quite (except the revelers after the local soccer game saturday night)relaxing weekend off station, i come back fully rejuvenated but not prepared for this week! I spent some time on my little 'holiday' crunching numbers so i have a vague idea of what the kids grades will be. now i have to do some further crunching to get the correct numbers for the correct spaces. our report cards (which i may have mentioned last term) are a bit too thourough. for example the math grade is broken down into 11 marks, that's just math. then there's all the other subjects as well. so it takes FOREVER to finish. My goal is to have the numbers into the computer by tonight (tomorrow aft. at the latest) so i can start on the comments, which takes just as long to enter. unfortunately i have to be creative enough to think of differnt comments for each subject for each child. oh, and they have to be 'nice'.

also, in just over a week we have to pull together the end of term program, which at this point doesn't seem all that possible! however, we have a lot of practice time between now and wednesday night! i have finally found someone willing (after a bit of arm twisting) to take over my spot as drama director so that Lina doesn't pull her hair out trying to play the piano, and direct both the music and the drama! so that's one less thing to worry about. i now have some vague ideas for costumes and will be working on them (like crazy!) this week.

thankfully teaching this week can be a little more relaxed so although we're still learning, we're gonna be doing a lot more fun activities this week! the students of course are pretty pumped about this! :)

i have seriously considered hiring someone to pack my bags for me, but then i'd still have to sort what was going where, so there's really no point in that. i'm sure i'll be up all night packing next monday! who needs sleep right? :S

well, i gotta keep this short as i have to run off and prepare for art class. anyone got any brilliant ideas???

7.5 days till lift off. (from sakeji)

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