Monday, May 24, 2010

toes are useful for many things...

Most of the craziness has passed and things are finally settling into a regular routine. of course because i dared to take a breather i ended up with a throat infection. But i dutifully dosed up on Oil of Oregano and ibuprofen and this morning woke up with only a stuffy nose, which i'm pretty much used to now.

After a couple of paddles and many marches last week, most of the children seem to be remembering the rules and are beginning to buckle down and get their work done. I was beginning to wonder if what would ever happen! There have definatly been some good moments though. I'll share a cute little story that took place this morning in math class. We begin each math class with a "Mad Minute" this means the children are given a sheet of paper with 16 (as they're only in grade 1 and 2) addition questions on it. they have just one minute to answer as many as they can but the most important thing is accuracy. so this morning i looked over and see my youngest grade 1 with his shoe off and his foot on his desk. this is not too unusual for him as he is quite the wiggler and is often sitting in strange positions. however i asked, "what are you doing" to which he innocently replied. "counting!" the question he was stuck on was 9+9 and he had run out of fingers! :) although i had joked with past students about doing this before, i have to admit that this is the first time i've actually seen a student count with their fingers AND toes. :) never a dull moment!

well, the mound of marking is still hanging around so i better get out the red pen and get on it!

just want to add a quick thank you to those who faithfully email me. i AM endeavering to get caught up with replies, i think i finished most of the ones from the first week of MAy. i WILL get to you i promise!!

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