Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ready or not...

The first day back went surprisingly well, despite the fact that i didn't really plan a lot of stuff to do. We spent most of our morning going over all the new changes in the room and to our schedule as well as remembering the rules, which of course are the same but seem to be forgotten rather quickly. I somehow managed to be the "lucky one" to have the kids down at the river for 2 hours this afternoon but this time i managed to do it without losing anyone! :D

The rest of this week should be interesting as the other grade 1/2 teacher will be away until next wednesday, which means i will have to somehow manage on my own or plan it all for a substitute either way it looks like i won't be getting my afternoon off, thankfully i get this first weekend off. i'll probably really need it!

well, i have lots of planning and schedule re-arranging to do so i must be off...

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