Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a little bit of whining...

Wow, only a week has past and yet it seems like longer! usually i feel like time is going too quickly but this week definatly dragged on! with michelle away i was quite literally teaching two classes at the same time. although i have done this before, the students never have so they were quite distracted and distracting! the first day back was the only day in which they behaved. sigh.
michelle is supposed to be coming back tonight, which means that i can hand her classes off back to her... maybe we'll get some work done in class this week! today has been especially long as the only break i have had away from the children was from 1-1:30 (rest hour). after supper i stepped into the role of 'girl's dorm mom' as it's the dorm mom's day off and the person who usually takes over was covering for the boys dorm parents as there was a medical emergency (someone from the village) and the dorm mom is also the nurse. thankfully it all sorted itself out while the children were watching their wednesday night video, so i don't have to tuck them all in tonight. i just had to make sure they were clean and changed ready for bed. now i've got some "me" time. and i'm gonna completely ignore the very large mound of marking sitting beside me! i think tonight calls for a large cup of tea and a good book!
good nite all!

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