Saturday, August 1, 2015

What a Trip!

Why is it that my trips seem to continually be getting worse?
Wednesday I was all packed and raring to leave, of course I had to wait until parent-teacher interviews, and all the other end-of-term stuff was finished. Finally after the Children's production was done I hoped in the truck with my friend Mel Ferguson and her party and we were off for Nyangombe. We reached the house shortly after 10pm, had a chat and cup of tea then off to bed as we had an early morning planned. 4am brought a knock on my bedroom door - time to get up and start a new day although I had very little sleep I was still excited and things were going according to plan. We reached Solwezi a bit early and I was able to get checked in (with just a little issue over my extra luggage). The flight was short (just an hour) and I had arrived in Lusaka. Things were still looking good. I caught a cab to the Flight House and got settled in there before I took another cab into town. By this time I was starving as it was almost noon and I hadn't eaten yet. I had a lovely brunch at Mugg and Bean (my favourite café in Lusaka) and then window shopped for a bit before returning to the flight house for some much needed sleep. The next day, as planned I got up, had breakfast and checked out of my room. My flight wasn't until the afternoon, so I walked to the new local mall and wandered around a bit before heading back to the flight house to await my taxi. The taxi arrived nearly an hour late! This is when my plans started to fall apart. After a terrifying ride to the airport (I thought I wasn't going to make it b/c I'd be dead!) I got into the HUGE check in line. Shortly after a lady came along and hurried me to the front of the line so (ironically) I wouldn't miss the flight. When I went to check in they told me that my ticket wasn't showing up on their computer. WHAT??! After much waiting (and watching the time tick away) they decided they would allow me on the flight (as they had mistakenly cancelled my ticket) but that my luggage would not be able to come with me. I would have to pay to have it sent later. I was not going for that! So they told me "too bad the desk is now closed" and walked away. I was steaming!! I stormed my way back out through security to locate their office, which was locked (despite the sign that said 'open'). In a panic I called home to let my parents know I wouldn't be arriving when they expected me. Dad said he'd try and work on things from his end. Finally, after waiting over an hour the office opened and I had to deal with the same lady as before. I tried to tell them politely that they better put me on the next flight out. They said the next available flight was in 3 days. However, they could put me on the one the next day, but it would be stand-by, on each leg of the 3 part journey. And on top of that, I would have to pay any differences in price! So it came down to paying them to maybe find me a flight home or going with some other airline. Hmmm hard decision; I left the office. Thankfully I was able to say at the flight house for another night so I wasn't "homeless". My dad and I spent the next 3 or more hours trying to find a cheap flight home asap. Such a thing did not exist. The only availability was 1st or business class. Ouch! Big hit to the bank account! But praise the Lord, we were able to get a flight.
And that is how I find myself in the plush business class lounge at the Lusaka airport. Despite my nervousness this morning, everything went smoothly. I arrived early to the airport, checked in early and now here I sit relaxing and being served coffee/tea and biscuits. :) I could get used to this! Sadly, this will probably be the only time I'll be able to enjoy such luxury. So I'll live it up while I can and thank God for His goodness in taking care of me! (my earthly father is pretty awesome too!)I just pray the rest of the trip is smooth sailing!

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  1. I'm so sorry that things ended up that way, but I'm so thankful that you made it home! Let's just hope that we don't have any more issues with the airline company from 'AOL'...