Friday, July 3, 2015

Crazy Long Weekend Ahead!

I tried to post an update a few time over the past week but Blogger and my computer and apparently not on speaking terms as it wouldn't work. Here goes another try...

We've got a nice crazy busy long weekend planned here at Sakeji. Just to clarify this has NOTHING to do with either Canada Day or the American Independence Day. Actually, Zambia has two national holidays called Heroes & Unity Day (or something like that). As it was rather close to when we were going to have our half term and our Sport's Day, it was decided to roll everything all into one crazy package! On top of that we have 20 students + 4 staff visiting from Amano Christian School (Chingelo area). The Amano group will be arriving tonight (if they haven't already). Tomorrow they head off for a day at "the Rapids" or the cottage and we at Sakeji have our SPorts Day (track & field). I am "Head Child Wrangler" for the races tomorrow, which means I have to make sure to get the right kids to the starting lines at the right times. It also means that I will have no voice left by noon (at least that is what happened last year) must remember to take lots of water with me!

Sunday will be our usual Sunday Schools etc through the day. I am responsible for the afternoon Senior Sunday School (about 40 kids, grades 5-9) this time of course we will have the Amano kids joining us. Thankfully I have had some volunteers to help out. I've also decided to do a big game of Bible Jeopardy so hopefully it will run smoothly.

Monday officially is the start of our half term (although the kids that are going home will have left on Sat. aft). We break up the responsibilities between the staff members so that (hopefully) we'll all get a bit of a break). I think at the moment I only have a craft activity on Tuesday and a swimming supervision on Monday. I'm also responsible for getting an evening snack ready for about 60 kids on Monday night, but I got that covered already.

Overall it should be pretty fun, even if the kids do get a bit crazy. It beats teaching classes! :)

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