Sunday, October 26, 2014

not-so-set routines

It's hard to believe I've been back in Canada for almost 3 months already! My life has finally settled into a routine (of sorts). Monday I have a class in the afternoon/evening. Tuesday and Thursday I work for the Engineering firm I was working for before I left Canada. Wednesday and the weekends vary from week to week. I usually do errands on Wednesday with/for my Grandma or else I try and get caught up on my school work. The weekends have been my times to travel and catch up with friends and family. I have been north (to Sudbury) several times to help out with my Mom's new alpaca farm. I was in Huntsville for my Grandpa's funeral. I have been in Toronto to speak at a Ladies Group and I am currently in New York (state) visiting with my friend Hannah who taught at Sakeji for 2 years. The drive down was pretty easy. It's a 6 hr drive (give or take) but I broke it up by stopping at my sister's place in Harrowsmith overnight. When leaving the next morning I forgot to add some time for the boarder crossing so ended up meeting Hannah 40 mins later then planned. The boarder guard wasn't so sure about letting me in when he found out I'd been in Africa recently. He wasn't mean, just wary. ***sigh*** I wish people would figure out that Africa is a HUGE CONTINENT and not a country. I wanted to tell him that I had more risk of getting the Ebola by entering New York (as there are apparently cases reported here) then they did because I was in Zambia. However, I held my tongue and tried instead to explain that Zambia was not at risk and was in fact thousands of miles from the countries affected. I know of course that it doesn't mean it CAN'T travel there (it has reached the US after all) but it IS unlikely. I did eventually get through and was able to reach Saranac Lake with no further issues (other than trying to figure out the speed limit). Unfortunately I won't be able to stay here more the 24 hours as I have class tomorrow; although 10 years ago I probably would have skipped without giving it a second thought. So tomorrow is back to the weekly routine for a few weeks. Not sure what's happening next weekend, but the one after that is going to be crazy busy! Then I'll be off to Mexico for a week (skipping both work and school :D - it was bound to happen sometime) with my parents, brother and sister-in-law. It will be nice to relax and hang out with them, although I have a paper due when I get back, so will probably not be relaxing too much! Well, I must go check out of the hotel and see if I can find my way to Hannah's house for a pancake breakfast and a day of exploring. :)

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  1. I'm so glad you got to go see Hannah, and I'm glad that you are going on that trip with your parents. Wave to Texas for me!