Saturday, May 11, 2013

may musings

It's so quiet on station right now i can hear only my fridge humming and the clock ticking. it seems strange to think that in a few days those sounds will be blocked out by the sounds of many children playing with their friends. normally at this point i am still not yet ready for the students to come back but strangely i find myself looking forward to seeing them again. this term break has been just long enough. as i have only truly been off-station for one night and two days i have had plenty of leisure time and find that i am sufficiently rested and ready for the new term. the biggest problem i forsee is getting back into a schedule and making it to breakfast ontime! in the last few weeks we have had 3 "changes" to our school. 1) the back end of the hall was taken off and it has been extended several feet to make new storage rooms. the workmen have been working very fast and seem to nearly have that complete. however the next part is extending the side and then replacing the roof. for those of you who have been to Sakeji, i am sad to say that they got rid of the Eucalytis tree that was between the hall and the tennis court. :( 2) a former student, now trained teacher, David Poidevin, has come to help for the next 2 terms, covering for those who are on furlough. 3) we have accepted a new student into grade 2 although she is already 10yrs old. this was a difficult decision to make as she is much older then the other grade 2's. normally we have a cap on age as this is a boarding school and it can cause problems further down the road. she is from the Hillwood Orphanage and has had a very rough past but recently gave her life to Christ and is working hard to overcome her past. she is a very bright girl and love to learn and help others so i'm sure she'll fit in fine here. please pray for her as she adjusts to life here and that she'll be able to catch up to her peers quickly. well, that is all for now as i have to get to a staff meeting soon and need to finish up a few things first.

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