Thursday, April 18, 2013

oops! missed a month

I've actually written a blog at least once since the last post, but then decided to scap it instead of "publishing" as it was very whiney. will try to do better this time. :) the term ended well and i'm enjoying the quiet relaxation of term break. the only travel for me this break was a quick trip to Solwezi with Hannah for shopping and dropping off the Ollila's. The trip went well; we accomplished what we set out to do and with the exception of a flat tire on the way in there were no major problems. for the rest of the holiday i have several "projects" i'd like to (or need to) get done. i'll have to see how many i actually accomplish. my first major project is cleaning the house. this is also my least favourite project which is why it has gotten as bad as it has. I worked on this a lot this week and got most of it done - like spring cleaning, just need to attack my bedroom now! the other projects are mostly fun hobby-type stuff. other then that i'll be spending some time over at the orphange helping to unpack their gazillion (slight exageration) boxes and get them organized so the stuff can be used. i think i'll have to write a blog about container boxes soon, just not today. :) tomorrow Hannah and I take the oldest of the orphans swimming. I haven't done this (with them) before so it should be interesting. apparently they're all pretty pumped about it. and that's about it. life is pretty boring at the moment. but not in a bad way in a relaxing way. :) oh, for all of you complaining about missing out on spring... come for a visit; we've got GORGEOUS weather here right now :D


  1. I'm so glad that you're having a nice break--keep enjoying it! We've had some cooler weather here which is pretty thrilling--it was down to 10 C the other day! Unfortunately it's warming up again...this is the price you pay for living in Texas! Miss you!

  2. love to visit, I wish I could, it's snowing here today hard to believe for Apr 24!