Friday, November 2, 2012

My Crazy Cat!

This was written ages ago but I guess it was just stored as a draft... My Cat, Smudge-Orion, is too smart for her own good! She has learned to open doors (unfortunately not to close them again) and will often let herself out; even though she is supposed to be an indoor cat. So I've had to start locking the door to keep the cat in. She then learned that windows are an alternate route of escape. Her first few attempts didn't work so well for her (see picture below) however she finally figured out that there are 2 windows in the house that I am not able to lock (based on the way they open) and if she plays with the lever and pushes she is free. We even tried to wire the one window shut but that only deterred her for 2 days. :S I now have to lock the bathroom door, the front door and tie the kitchen window shut! this is getting nuts...
This is Smudge stuck between the screen and the window panes (they're slotted and closed behind her)

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