Monday, November 21, 2011

Once again avoiding work..

I am 'taking a break' from report cards at the moment (AKA avoiding); I've actually got all the marks in, which is the easy part. (Well, once I'd sorted out the new report card format! - there was a LOT of baking going on to relieve the stress caused by that on Friday)Now comes the part i totally detest... writing the comments! i know it's important for the parents, it's one of the only ways of communicating with some of them. it's just so hard to write all that needs to be said in the space provided. sometimes the hard part is trying to think of how many different ways you can politely say 'your child is lazy and needs to get their butt in gear'. my goal is to get all my report cards done by thursday night so that i'll have friday to pack (lina and i need to ship our suitcases down to lusaka earlier then we fly) and the weekend to relax/ work on my lines for the play.

The play is coming along quite well, i'm mostly frustrated with myself and my sieve-like brain that can't seems to remember my lines as soon as i stand up on stage. i know lina's rather stressed over the music end of things (and her lines) but i think the kids seem to be doing quite well.. but then i'm not musical so ... :)

Tomorrow the 3 TA's fly out around breakfast time, so it's back to just me in the classroom. I've been slowly working in more Christmas crafts and less work so it shouldn't be too bad. the kids are starting to get antsy though and it's getting harder to keep them in control. i TOTALLY understand how they feel, i don't really want to be in the classroom any more either. unfortunately we don't get much of a choice there. i really only have Tues-Thurs full class days, a few periods on Friday and Saturday and then Monday and Tuesday are only 1/2 days as we have play rehearsels. yahoo! Lina and i have already been planning out what we're going to do/buy as soon as we get to Lusaka. high on our list is going to the new cafe or any restaurant really!

please pray for
1) the parents as they drive up on Wednesday and home on Thurs. we've been getting a lot of rain so there will be bad patches on the road, especially if a storm hits that day.
2) the end of term program will go well, but more importantly will touch the lives of those who hear it as they hear the true meaning of Christmas
3) of course for safe traveling for myself and Lina as well. we fly out of Sakeji next Thurs Lina leaves Lusaka on Fri and I leave on Sun (arriving home Mon).

ok, now back to work i go!

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