Monday, November 14, 2011

counting down again!

What a crazy day it's been, and it's only 11am! The end of term insanity is officially beginning.
This morning at breakfast i was asked to interview a potential grade 2 student. i had no problem with doing this except that i have never done the grade 2 interviews and am unfamiliar with the process/tests etc. on top of that, i had to re-vamp my morning plans (which i had actually done in advance for once!) so that i could get one of the TA's to supervise my class. i spent 15 mins running around looking for the people i needed and finally gave up and wrote them a note on the blackboard, which thankfully worked out ok.
the interview went fairly well (considering i didn't know what i was doing and the girl was pretty nervous) but it took much longer then i expected so i didn't get through all i had wanted to do. after the interview i went back to my classroom and proceeded with the usual classroom mayhem. (actually they were fairly well behaved this morn). 45 mins later (tea time) i was in desparate need of a cup of tea but was only able to get down about 1/2 a mug (it was really hot!)before i had to run out to get the truck to pick up Bethany from Ikelenge. Today was the first day of grade 9 national exams. as we only have 1 grade 9 student she had to go to the local highschool to sit her tests. Bethany Fuller went with her to keep her company in between tests (hour long break) because she's she and it's her first day. please pray for her this week as she not only has the pressure of the exams, but apparently the students from the local highschool are pressuring her for answers as they figure she should know them b/c she's from Sakeji.
it's now 6:30 pm and I'm just getting around to finishing my blog. i was supposed to pick Kahalu up but due to the problems she was having our headmaster went in to talk with the headmaster from Ikelenge school and let him know what was going on. apparently it will be 'sorted' tomorrow. we're not holding our breath about it tho'. the rest of my day flew by rather quickly. my class was excited to find out that the Brownies they had written to in England had replied. So we spent the afternoon classes working on writing back to our penpals. the kids were excited about this for several reasons: 1) usually only the senior classes get penpals and 2) it meant they didn't have to do creative writing. :) (not their favourite subject).
i keep forgetting that i am in charge of 'senior girls games' on mondays. so after school i was racking my brain trying to think of something to do with them. however, phil towse asked if we could do 'swiches' (meaning i got the senior boys instead). although i wouldn't normally be pleased with this it actually made my descision easier. they've been drilling on rugby all term so they were over then moon when i suggested we play football (aka soccer).

now i'm back in the class trying to get some marking done and my report card grades all tallied up (so i'll be ahead of the game for once). and plan for tomorrow as i have another interview. i think i've figured out what my 'sub' can do with the class. hopefully she'll be able to reign them in tho'! must go if i'm gonna get all that done as i also have to drill my lines for end of term program tonight. sigh. i just keep telling myself that we're almost done! 13 class days left!

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