Tuesday, July 19, 2011

time to clean...

Just a few more days and then I can sleep in! I'm really looking forward to that! Today is the last 'full' day, tomorrow the parents come at 1:30 and then by THursday lunch the kids should be all gone. :)A lot of things still to happen between now and then but I'm not involved in it all so I have some time to relax and get my classroom (and house) in some order.
Tomorrow after the parents arrive we are having a baptism for about 12 of our senior students; it should be an exciting time. After that we have parent-teacher interviews which I've never enjoyed. I'm not as worried about it as last term, but there are some that I'm really not looking forward to! After that is the AGM (annual general meeting - i think). Basically it's a long boring meeting in which we update the parents on any changes and they can put forth any concerns etc. I've never been to one before as i skipped out early last year) but i'm not a huge fan of meetings and i've heard these ones can go quite long...

I'm still struggling with the fact that i'm not going home this break as I did last year. my brain keeps telling me that I need to start packing soon. It's weird because I don't want to leave, this is my home now, I think it's because I haven't stayed past 7 months before so my brain is freaking out a little. I'm sure I'll get used to it soon.

Well must get back to work. The kids are all practicing for their end of term show so I need to use the time 'wisely' and get my classroom presentable for parents!

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