Thursday, July 28, 2011

sorry for the silence

I've been wanting to post since school let out,but we haven't been allowed to use the internet as we went way over our limit last month.
i spent the first few days relaxing and trying to get caught up on my dishes etc. Now i've buckled down for the bigger tasks. Yesterday I cleaned out my pantry/storage closet which took 1/2 the day as the previous owner was a hoarder and left a bunch of stuff. Now i've finally got some space for storing my stuff. I've also been "doing down"some veggies for my freezer so I'll have veg during the term.
Lina and I are in charge of 'morning tea' for the brass tacks men so we've been taking turns baking various things.
other things i've been up to...we all (the staff who are left on station) went to the cottage (or what's left of it) for a bbq/picnic which was pretty fun. Lina and i had planned to have a 'christmas in july' that day but had to re-arrange our plans. we still listened to christmas music and made a fairly cool looking gingerbread house. that all came about b/c I had sent the kit to Lina for christmas but it didn't arrive until June. we were much to busy to do it then so we planned on a 'christmas in july' on July 25th.
i don't think anything else has happened.
oh wait! i forgot to write about the baptisms. on the last day of school 22 of our students were baptised down in our pool. it was very exciting and cool that the parents were able to join us for this wonderful event! earlier in the day they kids who got baptised shared their testimonies with the whole school; it was very moving.
end of term program also went very well. Jill and Lina worked hard with the students and it paid off. the theme was 'Heaven and HOme' with the kids singing various songs/hymns about Heaven with Bible verses quoted intermitently throughout. I tried to tape it but had some trouble with my camera (especially as i don't have my tripod - hope it went on the container mom!) the sound turned out ok but the picture quality is pretty bad. I'm going to see if i can fix it up as just a sound recording, then i'll try posting it. don't hold ur breath though!
right, well i better get offline before i get into trouble!

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