Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the station is becoming overrun with men and i'm off on another trip!

the first of the brass tacks team arrived just after Lina and i headed off to Lusaka on our holiday. They have spent the last 5 (or is it 6) weeks building the walls etc of the new dining hall. Tomorrow morning Paul and Jim leave here to head back to England on Saturday. In the past few weeks we've had 4 more men descend upon the station to take up where Paul and Jim have left off. It's rather odd to see nearly even numbers of men and women at tea times each day as we're so used to the women out numbering the men 4 to 1 (sometimes way more then that)! Please pray for the team over the next few weeks as they come to the more dangerous part of the work, the trusses/roof and all that involves (i'm not exactly sure what that is, but it sounds kinda dangerous!). thankfully we've only had some very minor injuries (cuts and scrapes) so far.

in other news; for the first time in (known - please correct me if i'm wrong) Sakeji history. the senior class is heading out on a 'sports tour'. what this really means is that they're heading down to Chigola to the "new" Amano school to compete in a netball tourney. Phil Towse has arranged the whole thing and the students are quite excited. Janette Young and myself will be going as well as it's an overnight thing. Actually we'll be leaving a week Saturday and coming back on the Tuesday. The students (and staff) will be missing morning classes on Saturday (which of course, we're all pretty cut-up about) but as the Monday and Tuesday are half-term that will be all we're missing. Please pray for us all as we head down, for safety etc. As this is the first time we've done it, we're not sure what the costs will be (donations are always welcome ;) ) but we're hoping it will be feasible enough that it can become a yearly occurance. and that we might be able to host other schools in the future (once we get some new courts/fields set up - which is not in the forseeable future).

i'll probably get in trouble for this, but to put in a plug for the school. we have several "ongoing and upcoming" projects that are not always known to others until they are complete. when i was home people wanted to know how they could support the School and was it possible to help out with specific projects. Financially it an be done through MSC Canada or CMML (USA). A general donation can be made or you can specify if there is a certain project you would like to help with. If you would like to help out physically (ie. working on one of the building projects) contact me and I can put you in touch of the person in charge.

I have listed below a few of the projects (that i know of).

1) New diningroom/kitchen - currently underway, hope to be finished by September-ish
2) new roof for the dorm (current one leaks like a seive!!) - still getting priced/plans drafted etc
3) improvements to the sports program - like the trip, also fixing up courts/fields & getting new and good quality equipment that will last
4) improvements to the music program - this one isn't official, but i know Lina would like to be able to make some changes. having instuments (other then the recorder)for the students to learn would be nice
5) fixing up the classrooms (structural stuff)

i'm sure there are many more "projects" and there always will be. but we try to take one day at a time and trust the Lord will provide for the things we need as He has promised. So please don't take this blog as "begging for money" i don't mean it to be like that at all. I simply want to make others aware of some of the future plans.

well i must go. long day tomorrow and it's only 1/2 planned out!
thanks once again for reading!

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