Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ok, this blog is gonna need some feedback. I know people have been reading it (i looked at the stats) so this time when you give a look just add a quick comment as well (here's why).
All (or rather most) of the houses on station have a name; Rosebank, Valley View, Corner House etc. My house, however remains nameless. Since I arrived I've been pondering a name off and on. Today as I was looking up/studying something completely unrelated I was distracted and ended up with a list of 'house' names. :) For those of you who might not know, Beth means 'house' in Hebrew. I found some interesting Biblical 'house'names. So I'll post the list and would love to hear what YOU think would be a great name for my abode. I now KNOW there are people reading my blog as I looked on the stats so no excuses!
The list is in no particular order:

1) Beth-emek = house of the valley (i live at the bottom of a hill)
2) Bether = separation (this one's for you Snooze!)
3) Beth-lebaoth = house of the lionesses :)
4) Beth-meon = house of habitation (as long as my worker has been there to clean it is!)
5) Beth-nimrah = house of leopardess
6) Beth-Palet/Phelet = house of escape (it is on my afternoons/wknds off!)
7) Beth-Shemesh = house of the sun (it does get lots of it)
8) Bethuel = dweller of God
9) Beth-zur = house of rock (technically it's brick)

ok. i know i should have a nice even number like 10, but you'll have to deal with it cuz i don't. :) I tho't of doing "Beth-Sheach" as in "house of Sheach" but that seemed a LITTLE much. :) please let me know which one you think is best and why. or if you have different/better one feel free to suggest. :D


  1. The lionesses. Definitely the lionesses.