Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back 'home'

I've been back in Canada for a few days now and am beginning to re-adjust. being with my family again is great, i'm especially loving getting to know my little nephews! the flight home was really long, simply because i was anxious to see my sister and nephews. i nearly had a bit of trouble at customs and they almost did a bag search (which would have taken forever as i had 3 large bags and a carry on!) but praise the Lord the guy just asked me a lot of questions and sent me on my way. after a quick meal in Toronto (yay for McDonalds!) we got in the car and headed up to Sudbury. It was a very long trip as we made some stops on the way and also because i was pretty jet-lagged! we arrived at my parents place at about midnight, but didn't get to bed till well after 1:30am!

since then i've been trying to get my body back into the right time zone, catching up on laundry and babysitting my nephews. sadly i go back to work on monday so the 'vacation' is over. :(

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