Friday, October 30, 2015

Half Way Point

The halfway point I believe was actually last Wednesday, which means I only have 5 more weeks with this group of kids!
Almost three weeks ago now I got a cold (courtesy of the students) which got pretty nasty and then developed into a sinus infection. My grade one class was so sweet to put up with all my coughing, nose blowing and lack of voice. I got so many hugs and "hope you feel better soon!"s. One of my little cuties said to me, after a particularly bad day "Miss Sheach, I hope you feel better tomorrow. I'll pray for you tonight!" The next day when I mentioned that I was feeling a little better so was so excited and said, "I knew it! I prayed for you, so I KNEW you'd be better." Oh to have the faith of a child! Unfortunately I wasn't completely healed at that time, it's been a long, rough trip back to full health.
 I am very thankful to those who were able to cover a few of my classes when I just needed to sleep and for access to antibiotics! I can't imagine how missionary-teachers in the past just carried on through the illnesses, often times without the proper medicines. Makes me feel like a real baby!

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