Thursday, February 26, 2015

Exhaustion sets in...

Last Wednesday was the official half-way point in the term which meant Mon & Tues were 1/2 term break. It was fairly relaxing, especially as it followed my weekend off. It was almost like having 4 days off in a row! Glad I got those days because since then it's been non-stop! At least that is how it feels! The weekend was full of swimming and other supervision duties, 2 Sunday school classes (morning and afternoon) and a weekend of dish duty in the dining hall. I have also picked up 2 more class periods of teaching in which I am helping a few children in grades 2 & 3 who are behind in their reading skills. I didn't think it was going to be that big a deal, but I now realize that I now have 3 days in a row with no breaks from breakfast (7am) until after supper dishes (6:30pm)! I do have 'rest hour' but as I have no prep class it is mostly being used for prep stuff. What was I thinking?! Having just reached the end of the 3rd tiring, I feel completely wiped out! To add to the 'fun' I'm fighting off a cold which the students have so generously shared. I think I'm going to have a long bath and then head to bed with a good book! Praise the Lord, tomorrow is Friday and I have the afternoon OFF! SOO looking forward to a LONG nap... before walking over to the orphanage of course. Only 4 more weeks of the term... will I make it?

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