Monday, July 7, 2014

it's a whirlwind!

I think I missed a month. somehow June flew right by me! The first half of this term was busy, the 2nd half has been insane! I'm not sure what I'm spending all my time on, but apparently it's not the right stuff as nothing seems to be getting done. I guess that's not entirely true. Apart from the usual teaching/supervising duties; I have spent a lot of time trying to get everything organized for next term. it's a little insane that it's more work going home than staying! at the moment we still don't have a definite idea of who will be covering my classes, but Jill Avery has volunteered to cover some of the morning periods. This past weekend was a bit more "active" than usual as we had our Sport's Day (track & field) on Saturday. We usually hold it on a Monday or Tuesday, but due to stat holidays and such we had to shift some things around. I was the "race organizer" which meant I had to get the right kids to the right spots on time. it worked not too bad in the morning, but by afternoon their listening skills had disappeared. as usual I got sunburn, but this time I was smart enough to wear a had and a t-shirt instead of a tank top, so mainly it was just the back of my neck that burnt. this year we added a staff vs students tug-of-war event. first we went against the juniors and won 2-1. we weren't sure if we could beat the seniors but we managed to pull it off. (pun intended) of course we all paid for it with aching muscles the next day! Sunday was "normal" and then today and tomorrow are our 2nd 1/2 term holiday. We've had to change that around a bit too as we've never had a 2nd half term during this term. We couldn't do swimming in the morning as we normally would as the water is just too cold for the kids. (for all you Canadians, it's about the same temp as lake water in summer time.) so we've had to come up with activities in the morning to keep them occupied. I believe tomorrow we will be doing a staff vs student football (soccer) match. I think that's about the only thing i'll participate in as I'm using all this "time off" to get things in order before reports take over my life. can't believe i'll be flying out in 20 days!

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