Monday, May 7, 2012

back in the swing of things

Our trip to Lusaka was a success in that we got done what needed to be done and even had time for some fun stuff. :) unfortunately the bus ride back to Kitwe was worse then our trip down which was not a fun way to end it! we did manage to get all our dental work done without losing any teeth! :) have several fillings though and apparently I'm not supposed to eat pineapple anymore. :( i was afraid she'd tell me i could no longer have tea as well but she said that tea actually has floride in it so in a way it's good for my teeth! who knew?! :D just before we left Kitwe we went to the animal shelter and Lina picked up a new puppy to replace her dog Ceili who had to be put down as she was suffering (horribly) from a snake bite. The new puppy is veryy cute but has a bad habit of pooping where she shouldn't... like on my luggage on the way home. needless to say i was NOT impressed. good thing she's cute! we had no major problems on the trip home, it just seemed longer than usual. thankfully we just missed the rioting in Mwinilunga - something to do with stolen petrol? now, after a few days of catching up on my sleep. I'm back in my classroom getting ready for the beginning of next term. the kids arrive a week tomorrow! i'm excited to see them again, but not ready for my holidays to end. oh well. such is life.

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