Monday, November 22, 2010

life continues on...

My mom told me I'm past due for an update, to which I replied, "about what?" Things have been pretty "normal" for the past few weeks, just doing the usual day-to-day stuff of work etc. I have purchased my plane tickets now, so there's no backing out now! I've been asked several times "when are you leaving?" it's beginning to make me wonder why people seem so eager to have me go! ANyhow, to answer the question: I fly from Toronto on Dec 28th, 2010. I will be visiting friends in Ireland for about a week and then continue on to Zambia on Jan 5th. Originally I wasn't going to be able to get to Sakeji until Jan 8th, b/c of the internal flight bookings. However, I am happy (and very thankful) that I will now be arriving at Sakeji the same day I arrive in Lusaka (Jan 6th) This gives me about 6 days to get my classroom and house in order before school begins.

I have just recently been put in touch with a part timer (Rachel Buckley) who will be working at Sakeji for 2 terms (if all works out). Rachel and I are going to be on the same flights into Zambia and Sakeji so it will be nice to have someone to talk to on the planes. This is Rachel's first time to Zambia, so I'm sure she'd appreciate your prayers! They are still working to get her a work permit so she can stay the full 2 terms.

This past weekend I started going through more of my "stuff". I am still in awe as to how much junk I've accumulated in my life! I'm starting to pack up my "summer" (aka Africa) clothes as it seems I won't be needing them here anymore. (I'm really looking forward to warm weather again!)It's hard to decide now much I'll need. Although the clothes are no longer "washed" on the rocks at the river; it seems they still wear out a lot faster then here in Canada (I'm not sure why this is). Do I pack everything now or have my parents send some out in April on the next container so it'll be like getting a whole new wardrobe then? Hmm... these the the "big" descisions i'm making these days. :P Not quite as "life changing" as some of the other descisions I've made in the past 4 months, but sadly just as annoying.

Oh, the other thing people have been asking me about is funding for my trip. I'll try and explain. My trip is what some would consider "volunteer" although I am teaching full time I am not getting paid, in fact I actually have to pay room and board to be there (this keeps tuition costs down, making it the schooling available to more children). My church is commending me and has agreed to pay a portion of my costs, so some of my funds will come from them. Where does the rest come from? Donors. I don't do "fundraising". I am associated with MSC Canada ( What does this mean? Basically, if someone wants to make a donation to me for my missions trip they can send it to MSC who will directly deposit it into my bank account (if you tell them it's designated for me). As they are a registered Canadian charity, they can then send you a tax receipt for your donation. Check out their site for a full explanation. Donations can be made by cash/check/money order or they now have a online (PayPal) option. All that being said, I don't want anyone to think this is a plea for money, just trying to answer questions.

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